When Brianna was ready to start a job hunt, she knew she had to update her website. The sunny colors and cheerful tone of the previous version totally reflected Brianna’s personality, but the site was outdated and not in line with current web trends. As a graphic designer of the highest caliber, the site wasn’t reflective of her true talent. She knew her potential new employers needed to have an excellent experience checking out her work, and she got in touch with me to build her something new.

A competitor review showed that Brianna was a fan of clean lines, white space, and an elegant user experience. We needed a site that could showcase her portfolio and neatly divide her work into it’s respective sections, as she designs for both print, web, and 3D display. Since she has a lot of experience with branding, she definitely required that her brand be spot on and tight – I was lucky to have her copywriting help throughout the project. Also, she needed something she’d be able to easily update herself as time goes on and her portfolio grows; I assured her that WordPress was up to that job.

Here’s what I built for her:




There’s always a terrifying moment when you send over a site for review, thinking the client will be anything less than thrilled¬†– but fortunately for me, those worries weren’t warranted. Brianna was really happy with her new site, and impressed with the ease of updating her portfolio pieces. She even reduced the hours on the project by loading in almost all of the items that are in there now. And, best of all, Brianna did land that new job!

Here’s what Brianna had to say about working with me:

As a designer, my portfolio is the most important piece of my online presence. I was searching for a new job and felt my site was holding me back because it was out of date, both technologically (it wasn’t mobile-responsive) and creatively (I couldn’t add new project easily without coding, which was a pain.) So I approached Dominique to help me update my professional portfolio website.


Dominique was attentive and knowledgeable, listening to the features I wanted and pulling excellent examples of designs that matched my vision. I was unfamiliar with WordPress, so it was very helpful to have an expert like her guide me through the process of how to choose, customize, and update a template. She even gave me a one-on-one tutorial for how to add projects, so my portfolio will never be out of date again! I’m extremely happy with the result: my site looks great and it’s easy to update.


Plus, thanks in part to my new portfolio site, I was offered an exciting new job opportunity!